Sivusto ei tue käyttämääsi selainta. Suosittelemme selaimen päivittämistä uudempaan versioon.


My work starting point and working fellow is mainly nature, in it's diverse forms. Shapes, materials, sounds, lights... all effects to my artwork. Growing, living, changing, dying – Life Circle – human included, is endless source of thoughts and artwork.

My artwork born usually as a series from materials collected from nature, like from catkin, cotton grass, common reed, animals excrement, leafs of bog worthleberry or red worthleberry. For example red worthleberry as a working fellow means, that after I have collected leafs from nature, worked those to ready "shoes" (without shoes), nature continues it's own process changing green color to dark ochre brown, sometimes years. I'm not able to it.

Nature's part is almost always distinctly perceptible and material identifiable in my artwork. I feel that I'm just a mediator of nature's messages.